Tesla News - Model 3 Solar Roof

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Video from Patrick Lawson - AKA "Pox"

Autiopilot 2.0 Hardware
George Hotz cancels his Tesla Autopilot-like ‘comma one’ after request from NHTSA
Tesla P100D Ludicrous secretly has more performance
Musk says new easter egg will unlock it Tesla officially announces end of unlimited free Supercharging, new ‘Supercharging credit program’ starts in 2017
Tesla starts construction on new coast-to-coast Supercharger route Model S
Tesla adds new “Glass Roof” Model S option; discontinues P90D Model 3
Tesla Model 3 will feature new type of glass developed in-house,
Elon Musk confirms ‘Tesla Glass’ tech group Tesla Model 3 will probably have a solar roof option – maybe even ‘deployable’, says CEO Elon Musk
Early Tesla Model 3 reservation holders will have ‘something special’ to make their car stand out
Tesla Model 3 prototype with new steering wheel emerges at Tesla Party
Model X Tesla introduces new fold-flat seats config in Model X, making it SUV with best-in-class cargo
First production Chevy Bolts to begin rolling off Michigan assembly line this week
Motor Trend takes a Bolt to a Tesla meetup, finds out GM should be shopping it to ICE customers White House announces new ‘EV corridors’ to accelerate deployment of electric vehicles and charging stations
Tesla Powerwall 2 is a game changer in home energy storage: 14 kWh w/ inverter for $5,500
Tesla unveils integrated ‘solar roof and Powerwall 2’ energy solutions: more energy & more solar options

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